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soundlyfit, earbud ergonomics, comfort simulations

Optimal earbud ergonomics    and acoustic fit - faster and accurately 


Digital design services for headphone companies to help improve YOUR earbud designs with 


Realistic comfort simulations

We test and optimize your earbud design with realistic physics-based FEM simulations combined with an appropriate model to predict the comfort experienced by the user.

simulations, 3D ear

Human ergonomics tests

People with varying ear sizes and shapes wear the earbuds and provide feedback on their comfort and fit. The subjective test is optimized, resulting in accurate and fast analysis.

user test, ergonomics test, subjective testing

3D ear database
and audio knowledge

We have a collection of 3D ears and automated tools we use to determine critical dimensions. We also build audio algorithms, and measure and optimize audio quality. 

3D ear database, ear model, ear mesh

Our ear ergonomic studies take the guesswork out of earbud design, helping you create a product that users will love and rely on for years to come.


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Pinpoints the exact problem areas

Once the simulations are complete, the results can be analyzed to identify any potential comfort issues and to make adjustments to the design before manufacturing. This process can help ensure that the final product will be comfortable for users to wear for extended periods of time.

FEM simulations

Testing with computer simulations

Results that are very close to the ground truth

Fast. 2—3 days per device

Allows 3—4 iterations in only 2—3 weeks

Excellent repeatability and accuracy

ear simulation, headphones, tws, FEM

Feel the difference with ergonomic earbuds

Ear ergonomics plays a critical role in the design and development of earbuds, and manufacturers must carefully consider the unique anatomical and physiological characteristics of the human ear in order to create products that are both comfortable and effective.

soundlyfit TWS earbud comfort

Ergonomic insights for better earbud design

To create better earbud designs, ergonomics must be taken into consideration. This includes factors such as the size and shape of the earbud, the materials used, and the placement and pressure of the ear tip. A comfortable fit is crucial, as is the ability to adjust the earbuds to fit different ear sizes and shapes.



Let's get in touch and make the world more ergonomic



markus vaalgamaa, ceo, ergonomics, soundlyfit
Markus Vaalgamaa

Co-Founder & CEO

Markus boasts an extensive career dedicated to audio quality, digital signal processing (DSP), and ergonomics. He has held diverse roles ranging from expert positions to team and project leadership at companies such as Huawei, Microsoft, Skype, and Nokia.

Notably, Markus spearheaded pioneering initiatives in in-ear headphone/earbud ergonomics, subjective testing methods, and simulations during his tenure at a previous company. These groundbreaking efforts played a significant role in shaping the foundation of SoundlyFit.

Feel free to reach out with any inquiries:

laura laaksonen, soundlyfit, ear argonomics
Laura Laaksonen, PhD 

Co-Founder & CTO

Laura is a speech, audio, and sensors expert with extensive experience in designing and productizing machine learning algorithms for wearables and mobile devices throughout her career at companies like Huawei, Microsoft, and Nokia.

She has also led a wide range of tech collaboration projects. In her previous role, Laura played a pivotal role in the research and development of an earbud ergonomics initiative.


Drop her a line:

kilwa arola, FEM simulation, soundlyfit
Kilwa Ärölä, PhD 

Co-Founder & Board Member

With over two decades of experience in complex Finite-Element Method (FEM) simulations and leadership within simulation teams at Rand Finland, Kilwa brings a wealth of expertise to the table. 

Kilwa plays a pivotal role in charting the course for new simulation method development at SoundlyFit.

tommi sipila soundlyfit
Tommi Sipilä

Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board

Tommi serves currently as the CEO of Kuuloxi, a prominent hearing aid supplier and company in Finland that caters to both the private and public sectors.

With a wealth of expertise in real and 3D ear technology as well as a profound understanding of the comfort factors associated with hearing aids.



SoundlyFit's Markus Vaalgamaa will talk about ergonomics of earbuds in SenseCamp, organized by FORCE Technology and Danish Sound Cluster, January 24, 2024.

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