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Hello World of Ergonomics

Today, we are excited to introduce you to SoundlyFit, our new company specializing in earbuds ergonomics. True wireless earbuds have become very popular, but it's not uncommon to hear people complain that they tend to fall off easily or are uncomfortable. SoundlyFit is on a mission to assist earbud manufacturers in addressing this challenge. With our simulation and comfort modeling services, YOU can create future earbud designs that provide a better fit for people's ears, resulting in exceptional comfort and audio quality.

According to Qualcomm’s global analysis, The State of Sound 2023 Report: Key findings (page 5)

Comfort is key, because listeners are using devices for longer

This year, comfort is the #1 purchase driver for true wireless earbuds, driven by the fact that consumers are now wearing their devices for longer periods of time than ever before.

The size of this survey is huge, it is the largest we've seen during our work careers - a total of 7000 mobile phone users from 7 countries worldwide took part in it. “Uncomfortable in ear” was identified as the main pain point, 37% of participants were looking to resolve the issue with their next purchase. Furthermore, half of the users are willing to invest more in comfortable earbuds. Qualcomm's survey states (page 9) that:

40% of respondents were prepared to pay extra for a device which is optimized

for all day wear, this increased to 59% for those with devices which cost >$100.

These can be converted to actual cash with data on that report - Under 100$ product buyers are willing to pay on average 4.8$ more for device that they can user the entire day. Above 100$ device buyers are willing to pay on average 7.7$ more. These are both substantial and very clear indications of importance and commercial value of good ergonomics. This means that enhanced comfort and superior ergonomics are essential to outperform the competition in both affordable and high-end category of earbuds.

SoundlyFit is a new player in the field of comfort-optimized earbud designs but our expertise is built on top of years of experience, numerous ergonomics tests and simulations of earbuds. The outcome of the improved ergonomics by this team is visible on real earbud products.

We are super excited to start this journey with our highly skilled and versatile team, whose expertise spans the fields of ergonomics, FEM simulations, subjective testing, modeling of user experience, 3D ear scans and analysis, mechanical measurements of ears, automated clustering of ear dimensions, audio algorithms, audio quality, earbud product deliveries, and hearing aids.

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